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National Youth Sports Development Platform is a non-political, non-governmental and volunteer Sport 4 development organization that uses sport as a medium of development focusing on identifying, nurturing and developing positive attitude driven sports opportunities in underprivileged communities bringing sustainable community development, individual empowerment and social transformation , and to build international and intercultural understanding

Established in Rundu - Namibia in 2014 by sports exchange volunteers , NYSDP now has its presence in India, Zambia and Zimbabwe , and has provided training to young people and women across Namibia


Use sports as an effective development tool to advocate, educate, empower and create awareness on sports for development issues in less priviledged communities

Empower , encourage and support community development through sports

  • Ubuntu
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
  • Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Fun




NYSDP  was founded in Rundu in the Kavango Region by visionary sports exchange volunteer from Zimbabwe to Namibia Isa Saidi , in 2014 after  retrenched from SCORE Namibia. Isa Saidi led a team of 3 other Sports Exchange Volunteers Ben Jansern ( Exchange Volunteer from Namibia to Norway) and Samuel Zatjirua ( Exchange Volunteer from Namibia to Zambia) under Fredskopsert- YSEP Program supported by NIF ,  coaching and teaching sport for several months in schools and communities. 

In May 2014 , NYSDP was officially registered with support and guidance of a former Youth Officer in the Ministry of Sports Salome Iiyambo. In 2015 NYSDP piloted a few projects which Included the first ever African Scholar Athlete Program which was supported by Basketball Hall of Fame Dan Doyle and two Volunteers from USA Paz Magat and Andrew Hippet who attended the event in Rundu. 

NYSDP also piloted the Women Win Girls Play Safari Against Gender Based Violence supported by former Deputy Minister of Sports Hon Julieta Kavetuna, former Deputy Minister of Health Hon Petrina Haingura and Former Minister Gender Late Hon Rosalia Nghidinwa.

 The success of these pilot projects led to its funding support from UNICEF  to implement projects on Women and Children development through sports

  NYSDP Resurfacing 

After a drought of activities due to funding , NYSDP resurfaced in the year 2018 where it conducted Sports Administration Workshop in Oshakati . 

    2021:  The Year of staying afloat

In the year 2021 during the Covid-19 Pandemic , in the process of spreading to other regions of Zambezi and Hardap and //Karas NYSDP implemented a program which was aimed  at raising awareness on the pandemic to all sports administrators and athletes through the Sports Jab Campaign throughout the country with little to no funding and resources support . In 2021 NYSDP joined Sports for Social Change Network and has made strides in information sharing networking.

National and  International  Expansion of NYSDP – 2022 and beyond

Though NYSDP has worked primarily in Namibia in a few communities, the organisation already began its expansion in  other regions in Namibia as well as making strides in establishing itself in Southern African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The organisation also enjoys sports education support and mentoring from India. 


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