What We Do

NYSDP `s programs and activities are designed with the belief that sport is an essential ingredient to effect personal, community and national economic and social development .

The programs are more focused on  community development through capacity building activities that provokes change of mindset  in individuals and communities,  both during playing and outside play set-ups


At the heart of what we do is capacity building individuals who through skills transfer develop sustainable sports structures that implement sports and recreation activities in communities they reside

2.The Pillar

The pillar of what we do is designing and implementing programs which are strategically placed to address a community challenge and or needs


How We Achieve Goals

In order to achieve our long term our goals in communities that we work in , using the bottom to top approach we support the creation of community owned sustainable sports structures that take lead in organizing sports activities

We have three most important development process that guides achieving the goal

  • Capacity Building  ( Training for individuals and communities)
  • Organizational Building and Development
  • Establishing , nurturing and developing networks

Our Programs

We give what our communities needs

The Scholar Athlete Program

Diversity thru Sports

The Scholar-Athlete Program  is a  program aimed at creating a corridor for young people in sport , allowing them to integrate with youth from the surrounding schools and communities , creating opportunities for learning from each other. On the flip side, The Scholar Athlete Program focus on youth , by adopting the programs that are beneficial to the youth. The aim is to add educational and intellectual side to sports bringing about social cohesion amongst the youth

Women & Sports

Women in Sports Against Gender Based Violence Safaris

Volunteer Sports Exchange Programs

Individual and Community Development thru Sports

The Volunteer Sports Exchange Program involves recruiting and training of unemployed youth of ages 18 -35 to become Volunteer Sports Administrators and Coaches in an exchange community residing at a host family

The programs seeks to add value to the implementation of Sports Education Activities and Sports 4 Development by training these young people and injecting them into the mainstream sports development and physical education circle to mainly advocating and promote sports and recreation in communities and out of school sport

Sports Education Programs

Capacity Building ( Training Workshops)

Using the NYSDP models ,we offer young people and volunteers an opportunity to be trained in sport specific codes like Netball , Football , Volleyball , Handball etc.


Leadership Training :  Volunteers and young people in our programs acquire leadership skills through sport courses specifically designed to capacity build them.


Life Skills Training: Through the Sports 2 Life skills model, community volunteers get an opportunity to acquire the skills they will need to drive the NYSDP Sports Communities and Centers thus impacting healthy skills knowledge to other peers


Administration Trainings: Through The Basic Administration training workshops , the volunteers acquire the skills relevant to run their activities and centers.


Finance Management Trainings: Through the Financial Literacy thru Sport model, the volunteers in our programs also have  opportunities to acquire skills such as fundraising and budgeting for their activities.